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Developing energy for off-grid and sustainable projects

Add independent power generation to your project using Waterbear's microgrid solutions. Commercial and residential projects alike benefit from generating power independently and reducing reliance on utilities. Waterbear works with industry leaders who have multiple decades of experience to build and colocate reliable energy systems.

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Learn how to generate power independently

Request a free consultation Waterbear Energy for new or existing projects. Waterbear supports communities, casinos, agriculture, manufacturing, and data centers alike.

Microgrid Packages

In addition to custom engineered solutions, Waterbear has pre-configured microgrid packages that can be tailored for projects of any size.

Who Benefits?

Property owners, communities, and developers who need up to 100 MW of energy rely on Waterbear for microgrid and colocation.


In a post-pandemic world communities are looking to go green, sustainable, and off-grid and find cleaner ways to generate their energy.


Many large industrial projects are located away from transmission lines and need stable energy that meets modern climate regulations.


Datacenters generate lots of heat while using large amounts of electricity and benefit from microgrids that utilize Combined Heat and Power (CPH).

Is your project receiving reliable and affordable energy?